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SHANGRILA FARM PUREBRED LUSITANOS, founded in Florida, in 2001, has been committed to selectively breeding and selling only the purest and highest quality of Lusitano horses.

We stand for breeding to outside mares via frozen semen.

Exaustivo”,  a rare 100% AlterReal stallion imported from Portugal.

We offer a limited number of Lusitano horses for sale including broodmares, foals, and dressage horses.

If you are looking for top quality Lusitano bloodlines without the expense of importing from Portugal or Brazil, we invite you to visit our farm devoted to the Lusitano breed where our horses are cherished and gently developed into being true partners.

Owners: Robert & Carolyn Crum Trainer & Mgr: Whitney Wenzel
Photos provided by:
Bob Langrish, England
Carien Schippers US
Darlene Wohlart US
Gabriele Boiselle, Germany.
Cynthia Fleishman US
Barb Young US
Karen Kennedy US


Main Farm and Residence Home for the broodmares, babies, retired horses
Citra, Florida Gallant, Alabama
Phone: 352-591-6088 Phone: 256-538-6405
Robert and Carolyn Crum Whitney Wenzel
Owner Train and Farm Manager



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